Live scan fingerprinting

What is live scan fingerprinting?

Live scan fingerprinting is the latest bio-metrics fingerprinting technique. It replaced the traditional paper and ink-based fingerprinting. Earlier when the traditional fingerprinting was in use, it resulted in low image quality and also it was very impure. Still, some of the government departments require fingerprints printed on a physical paper or a fingerprinting card. However, digital fingerprints can be printed on the paper and can be submitted easily. Another advantage of a live scan fingerprint is that it can be taken many times if needed.

Advanced mobile fingerprinting and notary

How long does a live scan results count as valid?

It depends on the organization, some of them require it more often, and some of them lasts for more than four years. Break-in employment for more than 3months also affects the validity of the fingerprinting. Changing your organization require a new live scan if your old employer is not willing to share your personal details with your current employer.

What to do if fingerprints get rejected?

If your fingerprint had rejected, there is no other way then fingerprint yourself again. Many factors affect your fingerprint. We can control some of them, and some of them are not in our control. The main reason why fingerprints are getting rejected is a dehydrated body or sweating. Dryness is also an issue that appears in the rejection of the fingerprinting. To get a clear fingerprinting, we suggest you not to clean your hand with water or alcohol-containing sanitizer. Also, we recommend you to be hydrated. Be confident, and you are all set for your fingerprinting. All the best. Happy fingerprinting.