What is DBPR Fingerprinting

What is DBPR Fingerprinting?

DBPR stands for the department of business and professional regulations. It is surveillance under the Government of Florida. Any individual who wants a license from the DBPR must undergo a level 2 live scan background check which called as a DBPR Fingerprinting.

Advanced mobile fingerprinting and notary

Which business/services require DBPR Fingerprinting?

Many of the businesses and professions required this DBPR Fingerprinting before obtaining a license, like:

01.  Real estate

02.  Hotels

03.  Restaurants

04.  Vendors

05.  Yacht and ships

06.  Timeshares

07.  Geologists

08.  Labors

09.  Barbers

10.  Certified public accounting

11.  Architectures

12. Engineers

How does it work?

An individual should come up with the ORI number from the DBPR and along with passport or any other government-issued identification card to Advanced mobile fingerprinting. We will capture your fingerprinting and submit it to the Florida Department of law enforcement. That’s how you get your DBPR license.