Credit Check

What is Credit check

What is credit check?

Credit check is a process that gives an individual a credit score. A credit score is a 3-digit number that shows the trustworthiness with money of an individual based on a person’s credit history. Higher the credit score, more the chances of an individual to repay the money. Mostly loaners use credit score before landing money to the borrower. Banks also check credit score before approving loan or credit card.

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Which credit score to consider good?

  1. Excellent-   720 to 850
  2. Good-          690 to 719
  3. Average-     630 to 689
  4. Bad-            300 to 629

Which factors affect the credit score?

  1. Amount of debt
  2. Payment history
  3. Credit mix
  4. Recent credit

How we can help you?

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