What is AHCA Fingerprinting

What is AHCA Fingerprinting?

AHCA stands for Agency for Health Care Administration, Florida. People in the medical profession undergo a background fingerprint screening before obtaining a license. It requires checking from both state and federal documental records. It is all managed under the surveillance of AHCA.

The AHCA Background Checking Unit reviews all background Level 2 criminal history results of screenings, which submitted as a part of the employment process for health care providers.

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Who Needs this AHCA Fingerprinting?

In the medical profession, if an individual is providing direct care to the patient, then he/she must undergo AHCA Fingerprinting. Also, the volunteers must require AHCA Fingerprinting unless or until they are working less than 10hr/month. It is written in Section 943.0525 of the F.S. So, for this purpose, AHCA Fingerprinting is a must for medical professionals.

How does it work?

Florida Department of Law Enforcement has a database of all the state-wide criminal records. So firstly, the criminal history of an individual who wants AHCA Fingerprinting is being checked against that database. If the results are fair, then it is being submitted to the FBI. Then the FBI monitors the database against the federal records. Then confirms the arrest history of the individual. That’s how the AHCA Fingerprinting process works.